Daniel Rutley, Counselling Services

Short Term Counselling Focused on Long Term Results

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You’ll have Support

Dan is a compassionate, understanding psychotherapist who is both skilled and professional. Dan has the ability to create rapport quickly, a skill that is just as important as his background.  Dan specializes in helping people in the areas of relationships, sexuality, depression, anxiety, anger as well as addiction and behavior control (eg. smoking and weight). His therapeutic style (cognitive-behavioral) is easy to understand and easy to apply. Dan combines the best short-term counseling “tools” to produce long-term results.

You’re Welcome

Dan can help. He knows how to listen. He is a warm feeling human being also. You’ll find the understanding and care that is so integral to your success. No question is too intimate, no subject taboo. Your mental and emotional health is too      important to shy away from any topic. You have a right to live your life to the fullest and Dan will help you do just that. Whatever your life situation, Dan will show you how to get more out of your life. Ask him, and you will get straight answers.  Dan is someone you can talk with, openly and confidentially. So if your problems seem like mountains, call today. The view is great from where you could be.

You’re Important

And so is solving your problems. Whether you’re feeling blue, down, irritable, anxious or worried, Dan is no stranger to the problems that you face. Maybe you feel dissatisfied with your life. Or you’re struggling to lose weight, stop smoking or maybe you want to sleep better, relax and enjoy life more. Dan has helped single persons battle loneliness… couples deal with relationship difficulties… people who’ve hated their jobs. These problems are real. They can be very distressing and painful. And the stress they cause can make you physically ill. It is simply too high a price to pay.

And You’ll be Understood

You’re too important to let the stress and dissatisfaction continue. Let Dan help you. He cares enough to really listen.  He knows that day-to-day living can be rough. Daily goals aren’t getting completed. Your job is boring. You and your spouse aren’t communicating. And day-by-day you’re feeling the pressure build inside of you. Now that’s stress. When you’re not getting what you want out of life... Dan understands... and he can help.

Because You’re Worth It

Counting time isn’t as important as making time count. So, let’s begin today, together... You can count on Dan to extend his hand to help. He is here. He will listen. And he’ll help. You can see him now – no waiting six weeks for an appointment.
Whatever you’re struggling with, Dan will help you to explore ways of dealing with it immediately. Dan knows you don’t want to wait for long, drawn-out solutions – so Dan will help you to feel better, even after your very first visit!

You’re Unique

Because you’re a unique individual, that means it’s important for Dan to adapt to you. Not the other way around. Dan’s counseling approach will be “tailor-made” specifically for you. Not trying to force you into some preconceived mold. Dan invites you to make time to come in and meet him. He offers professional counseling services with flexible hours to help you solve your life, family and personal problems. Dan is near by, and one phone call is all you have to make. Dan is committed to helping you make the most of your life.

So let’s begin today, together.