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The Essence of Emotional Entrapments When people have been tested, it’s found that their choice of mate, career, vacation, music and lifestyle plus much more are all impacted significantly depending on their emotional state. We are not normally conscious of how much our choices are altered by emotions. This is because our choices - whatever they may be - seem right, fit right and are congruent with our emotions at the time. Nothing seems out of place… at the time… until sometime the next morning when the feelings have changed and you think, “Why did I do that?” If a woman is feeling unassertive and lacks confidence, this will guide her life into a very different direction - personally and professionally - than if she were feeling stronger and more daring. The problem is that after a while, wherever we are, it becomes comfortable. Natural. Seems to fit… sometimes even when it is uncomfortable, like in a difficult relationship. There’s a tendency to develop a “that’s just the way it is” attitude. We get into a rut, stuck, comfortably uncomfortable and do not know how to get unstuck. This is the essence of emotional entrapment. But this is not the way is has to be. Emotional entrapments like depression, anxiety and anger are more like bad habits that are subconsciously developed, nurtured and raised without any conscious desire or intent. Simply put, we were not taught emotional control as children. Do you remember sitting down with your family and your father saying, “Okay family, I’d like for us to talk about the dynamics of how to control our emotions”? It did not happen. They did not teach it in school or in your religion and we sure did not learn it from our friends or siblings. No one knew how to control emotions. In the mid-1900s, psychology knew very little about emotional control. There was a fair amount of study on how to change behavior, but not emotions. Today, there is an immense amount of available information on emotional control. We can now break free and escape emotional entrapments. Liberate ourselves. Learn to soar like an eagle instead of being destined to hug the ground like a tortoise. After giving a lecture on the dynamics of escaping emotional entrapments, an elderly man came up to me, introduced himself and said, “You know, I’ve lived over 80 years and it never came to mind that I could make a decision to change my emotions.” That is your challenge in life: Learning to control your emotions so that you may choose a full spectrum of healthy emotions. You can choose to be passionate or pensive, ecstatic and excited or calm and relaxed. YES, HOW YOU FEEL REALLY CAN BE A CHOICE. In Escaping Emotional Entrapment you are going to learn what countless generations before you did not know. Your life is about choices. Choosing how to think. Choosing how you feel. Ultimately, choosing how your life will continue to develop. How you think and feel will determine the choices you make and the actions you take. Escaping Emotional Entrapment: Freedom from negative thinking and unhealthy emotions is about delivering you from the emotions that can enslave you. These emotions bind you, sometimes subtly but always impact on the direction of your life significantly and negatively. 

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