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Do you want to be happier and more fun-loving, feeling centered with a greater sense of confidence? Do you want to have more energy and feel more enthusiasm yet be at peace within yourself? If you want to feel stronger and be in greater control so you will be free to advance in any other area of your life that you choose, unencumbered by unhealthy emotions… YOU CAN! By developing better emotional control and breaking free of the negative unhealthy emotions that bind you, you can learn how to create a change that is so powerful that it will literally transform your life for the better. By becoming emotionally fit you will be happier, more fulfilled, centered and content, and better able to cultivate long lasting healthy relationships. Remember, emotions rule! No matter what you are doing, if you are having a panic attack, in a fit of rage or sunken into the abyss of depression - your emotions will win out and rule. If you ask yourself what is more important, what you know or how you feel - you can soon see that what you know does not matter if you feel bad. Like with physical health, if you do not have a strong and stable positive emotional life, the quality of your life drops dramatically. Emotional Control vs. Practical Advice A myriad of therapists, counselors and well-meaning friends will give you advice on: developing your spirituality, the importance of relying on your intuition, enhancing your parenting skills or improving your relationships. As valuable and well intentioned this practical advice might be, seldom will it be followed if you are in any significant emotional distress. The average person finds spirituality elusive when anxiety mounts over unpaid bills. Human beings have an almost infinite ability to talk themselves into anything; thus an overconfidence in intuition can be problematic if it is influenced by insecurities. The best advice on child rearing and relationships goes out the window if the person has inadequate emotional control getting angry, anxious or jealous easily. When one is in distress the sound practical advice found in many self-help books, heard on TV and obtained from credible sources goes unused. Have you ever given wonderful advice to a friend only to have him or her ignore it? The problem for many people is that they do not realize how severely their emotions impact on their life. The decisions that people make are more determined by their emotional states than any other single factor. People often think, “It’s a logical decision” and that is why they made it. But if an option does not feel right, most people will not take it regardless of how sensible it is. The selection most people make is the one that feels right - logical or not.
That is why we often observe others coming to conclusions that are clearly illogical and seem utterly absurd to us. This divergence occurs because we see their options and their decision in an unemotional light. Emotions guide and color our decision process. This happens without being cognizant of it. Subconsciously. Below our level of awareness.

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