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Daniel Rutley

For over two decades, Daniel Rutley has used a warm, direct and straightforward approach in his private

practice, lectures and seminars. He focuses on the present, providing a systematic method to solving our

most common emotional, relationship and behavioral problems.

A lifetime study of understanding people, Dan loves the "ologies": psychology, sociology, anthropology, and

philosophy. A collaboration of these complimentary disciplines affords him a unique outlook:

  •  Individual psychology permits an understanding of how people deceive and distress themselves,
  • The dynamics of personal growth and peak fulfillment;
  • Social psychology examines how groups work and interact;
  • Anthropology and history presents a wide base of cultural understandings across time for perspective;
  • Combine these areas with Dan's love of science and the physical world (i.e., physics and astronomy)...
  • Then add philosophy as a foundation for guidance and stability.

In his quest to understand the human psyche, he has studied the psychology of illusions and magic, how and why hypnosis works, cross-cultural symbolism and mythology - being an avid collector of the Arthurian dragon himself. He maintains a fascination for the unknown and the mysterious.

A personal philosophy for Dan, "Mens sana in corpore sano" (A sound mind in a sound body), he keeps fit with his passion for playing the racquet sport: squash. He also enjoys scuba diving, sky diving, volleyball, tennis, baseball and travel.

An authority in the field of personal development and life enhancement, Dan remains on the cutting edge blending current knowledge in psychology and peak performance technologies with the experience of more than 20 years in counseling, teaching and lecturing.

"My university experience was incredible, providing cutting-edge knowledge to my insatiable curiosity. However, having worked with teenagers on the street, church youth groups and a wide range of adults from top executives to ex-convicts to single parents, my practical experience has provided me with a richer, warmer and more realistic education unlike anything I could have imagined."

An animated, dynamic and captivating speaker, Dan has been referred to as "being his own audio-visual aid." He lectures to packed houses on a variety of topics including "How to Enjoy Life More: The way out of depression", "Relationship Dynamics: Understanding the opposite sex",

"Emotions Rule... So Rule Your Emotions", "Ending the Drug War: A new perspective on addictions" and "Weight Control Means Attitude Control."

Using humour and a playful style, thousands have benefited from his direct and simple approach to gaining emotional control leading to a life of peak fulfillment.

Check out a sample of his DVD - The Art of Confidence