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Personal       Relative        Impactful

With over 30 years as a therapist, Dan has helped thousands of clients make dramatic personal change. Fads and hype will come and go but long term substantial change requires an understanding of how the mind works and what drives and motivates people to take action. Daniel Rutley knows what it takes and will help your group to make a positive change quickly and a change that is long lasting.     

Knowledgeable       Experienced        Break Through

“A lesson learned in laughter is a lesson retained” is a motto for Daniel Rutley’s presentations. Not only are Dan’s presentations humorous, they stimulate thinking. Unlike other daylong seminars, people are NOT leaving early toward the end. He captures more than your imagination, what he relates in his presentation and the stories he tells is personal to each person who hears him. Why? Because Daniel Rutley understands what makes people tick. He can speak to an audience of a thousand people, and each person will feel like he’s speaking specifically to him or her.       

Daniel for your Keynote

We pretend that we make logical decisions, but we seldom make important decisions that do not ‘feel’ right…no matter how logical they may be. Emotions determine levels of commitment, decisions made and the action we take. Thus, ultimately, emotions determine the amount of productivity and work quality generated. Daniel Rutley is in demand as a professional speaker. An animated, dynamic and captivating speaker, Dan has been referred to as “being his own audio-visual aid.”       

Dynamic       Captivating        Animated

Daniel Rutley continues his ground-breaking trend with unique insight and humor that gets the listener to pay attention and make a positive change in his or her life. Like in his seminars, his best selling book “Escaping Emotional Entrapment” makes an impact on all who read it. With his audio-CD "Understanding the Opposite Sex: 5 Keys to Relationship Enhancement" Dan again, demonstrates his insight into human relations.     

Unique       Thought-Provoking        Insightful

Daniel Rutley is not on the cutting edge…he is the cutting edge. While other speakers focus on what to do, Daniel Rutley directs people on “how to do it.” Telling someone to stop procrastinating, as an example, is different from showing him or her “how to” stop procrastinating.Emotion is at the forefront of most business and personal problems. The procrastinator says, “I don’t feel like it.” Lack of leadership, productivity and internal conflicts and arguing are usually emotion-based issues: fears, insecurities, anxieties, depression, jealousy, worry, anger / aggression along with poor decisions making.